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Picuda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Picuda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Experience the exceptional quality of Mueloliva's signature cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil - Picuda, made exclusively from the early-harvested Picudo olives that are cultivated on our very own farms in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia, Spain.

A versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen, this high-quality extra virgin olive oil is perfect for medium heat cooking, light frying, air frying, Pakistani dishes, fresh greens, grilling, roasting, sauteing, soups, stews and more. Add a touch of sophistication to your culinary creations with Mueloliva's Picuda Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Flavour Profile

This extra virgin olive oil has a distinct flavour of grass and olive leaf, with a medium level of intensity. There are hints of tomato and almond in the aroma. It has a sweet initial taste, followed by a moderate bitterness and a gentle spicy finish.

Directions For Use

Perfect for:

  • Medium heat cooking
  • Pakistani dishes
  • Light frying
  • Air frying
  • Oral intake
  • Salad dressing
  • Condiment
  • Roasting
  • Sauteing
  • Grilling

Not recommended for:

  • Baking
  • Deep frying

Smoke Point: 207°C


100% extra virgin olive oil

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The Mueloliva Picuda EVOO is ranked the no.4 best olive oil in the world by the International Olive Council. (Source)

The Pride of Priego de Córdoba

The exceptional quality of Mueloliva Picuda olive oil can be traced back to its origin in the fertile soils of Andalusia in the Subbética region of Córdoba, Spain. This privileged location boasts a microclimate that is ideal for growing the finest olives, resulting in some of the most sought-after olive oils in the world.

100% Pointed Variety: The Authentic Flavor

The character of Picudo olives is closely tied to the land where they are grown. These olives have a curved pointed tip, are dark in color and have thick leaves, making them difficult to harvest due to the firmness of the fruit. Despite this, they produce large olives with a high yield.

Merging Tradition and Innovation

Our unique extraction process, which does not use heat or water, preserves the full range of flavors and nutrients in Mueloliva Picuda olive oil.

This oil represents the heritage of a thousand-year-old tradition, but it is also the product of our commitment to innovation and attention to detail in every step of the process.

Made from carefully selected olives that are just about to ripe, Mueloliva Picuda is a pure and unrefined extra virgin olive oil.